Reasons to Own a Home

Financial stability, when it comes to planning your budget, is one of the obvious reasons to purchase a home. Your mortgage payments are set, unless you choose to pay more, and you don’t have to worry about rent increases every year.

Besides this security, you also have a likely opportunity to save money due to the tax break you can receive for owning a home. Here are some advantages to owning that you may not have thought about.

  • Achievement – Most people, whether they have mapped out their life’s plans or not, feel a great sense of accomplishment after purchasing their first home. While pursuing their goals, home ownership becomes an important foundation on which they can build even bigger dreams.
  • Sense of Belonging – Home ownership carries with it an automatic concern for your surroundings. The schools you or your children attend, the places you shop, the roads you travel on, and the people who live around you all become matters of concern to you when you own a home. This is a great thing! You may find yourself involved in and reaching out to your community in ways you never thought you could. That sense of belonging and community isn’t something often felt as a renter who has less of a vested interest.
  • Security – The idea of owning your own home can be exhilarating and quite freeing. You avoid a landlord who ups the rent, or sends a notice saying you need to move. You have the opportunity to establish yourself in one area. Your kids, if you have them, will always go to the same schools. You are free to plan for future years all because you created stability for yourself by owning a home.
  • Freedom – You are in your very own home. You are free to paint your walls whatever color you like, remodel the bathroom, make an addition, change the landscaping, or plant a garden in the backyard. You are free to choose what you desire out of a home.
  • Better for Children – When you own a home, your children are able to play in a yard, or a neighborhood, where they can be monitored. In an apartment, however, there typically isn’t this place to play and, often, children are left to run around, for lack of a better option, and could be very difficult to keep an eye on. Home owners can generally provide a safer environment for their children since they have more options available to them. This sense of security also rubs off on the children. A child, very much like an adult, displays more of a calmness and assuredness when he feels secure. The more stability a child has, they better he performs. He now has a yard of his own in which to play, dig, and play with his pet. Home owners often report positive changes in their children’s overall behavior after purchasing and moving into a home.
  • Convenience – Simple things like owning your own washer and dryer and not having to waste time and money in a Laundromat, being able to park your car in a garage, washing your car in your own yard instead of taking it somewhere, having a space for your pets to run around without having to leash them, and sitting out on your own front porch for fun are all things that are not always convenient when you rent. Who knows? Home ownership may very well add to your longevity! Let us know why YOU want to own. We’d love to hear from you!