Coping With The Stress Of Buying A Home

One of the most stressful experiences that a person can go through in life, besides dealing with death and divorce, is moving. When making a move, there are two types of needs that must be filled for a buyer. The first are the transactional needs… those that have to do with locating a home to move to, finding a reliable realtor, negotiating price, filling out paperwork, etc. The second are the emotional needs, which are where most of the stress in moving comes from.

Hiring an agent that will take care of most of the transactional needs is a great help. If, however, your emotional needs are left unfulfilled, you can become frustrated and may not act in your own best interest. It is key, therefore, to find a real estate agent that is not only competent with paperwork and procedures, but who is also able to give wise counsel, listen to you, and guide you through the entire process from the hunt to the move-in date.

Here are some of the ways that we have found to de-stress the process of buying a home.

Begin With the End in Mind

Before you begin your search for a new home, decide for yourself what types of characteristics you want in a new home. Determine which things you are currently less satisfied with so that you know what it is you are exactly looking for. Make a list, fill up at least a page, about the new home you want. This is crucial. Fixing yourself on this goal at all times will help greatly in achieving it, despite any setbacks or frustrations that can occur along the way. Any success story in life, whether about buying a home or not, started with a goal.

Be Flexible

When making calculations, overestimate your costs by a thousand dollars. In this market, anything can happen between contract acceptance and closing. Inspections could reveal areas of concern that the seller is unwilling to fix. Repair costs could be higher than the amount limited in the contract. The interest rate could change, affecting the necessary down payment and closing costs you would need to come up with. As your real estate team, we will strive to tie up loose ends as quickly as possible, but remember that it’s not a perfect world and if something can go wrong, it might.

Most buyers feel a bit overwhelmed when taking on a new mortgage and the responsibilities of a new home. Frustration happens when reality doesn’t match up with expectations. If you anticipate something going wrong in advance, you are less likely to become angry. In fact, it will probably go better than you expected.

Trust in the Process

There is a lot to accomplish, so it would be easy to panic. You might wonder if things will ever come together and work out. You wonder if you are taking too big a chance and may even be a little sick at your stomach in the thought of it. The truth is, however, that you’re giving yourself a great opportunity. Even though you may not see every step of the way, as you move towards your goal, in the end, everything becomes clear. We know that moving is a major upheaval in your life, but we’ve been there many times before and are looking out for you. Trust that we know how to get you to the end result that you desire.

Obtain  Knowledge

Although we are an authority and fully capable of guiding you through the entire home-buying process, the one thing that will give you the greatest peace of mind for the duration is to become as knowledgeable as you care to be on the ins and outs of realty and loans. Of course, we are happy to answer any questions you have. If you ask a question we don’t know the answer to, we will know where to find the answer. Educating yourself in this way will empower you and greatly reduce any fear you may have regarding your decision to buy.

What are my options?

This question will save you in the event that something in the purchasing process doesn’t go as smoothly as you had hoped. Instead of letting your emotions run away with you, ask “What are my options?” There are always options. Suppose the lender takes longer than agreed upon to get your loan and keeps asking you for more, and more, documentation. Rightly, you would feel upset because you want to know for certain that the move will happen and this delay causes uncertainty. You might want to throw up your hands to the entire transaction, but ask the question instead.

“What are my options? Find a new lender and start the process over again? That may take weeks, plus you will have to provide all the paperwork over again. If the lender is trying his best, it may be better to give him a few more days. Each case is unique, but setbacks can occur. When setbacks do occur, we believe that asking this question helps to defuse the situation and restore clear headed thinking.

Seek Entertainment

When a situation is out of your control, it is a good thing to take your mind off of it altogether. If you expected loan approval on Friday, but you are now being told that it won’t come until Monday. Your stress doesn’t help or hinder the situation, but it can certainly harm you. So do something else entirely…maybe something where you aren’t powerless. Physical activities are great stress relievers. Take a hike, play tennis, get out of town for the day. It might do the trick to just watch a movie or get started on a project… whatever diversion works best for you. The key is to remove the irritation from your thoughts and replace it with something else to think about. Take it all in stride and proceed one step at a time.

On our part, there are several things we can do to help keep your stress to a minimum. We will…

  • Give you our expert counsel and advice, keeping your best interests in mind.
  • Help you decide if moving is your best option at this time by helping to clarify your goals and motivations.
  • Provide recommendations and information to help your children adjust through all the changes during the process.
  • Negotiate effectively on your behalf to get the lowest possible price for your new home.
  • Treat your money as if it were ours… saving every expense possible.
  • Protect your interests during escrow, keeping a detailed record of the transaction.
  • Be your levelheaded sounding board or relief valve when the stress is overwhelming.
  • Reassure you enough to keep away any feelings of “buyer’s remorse”.
  • Keep you informed about every step so you feel more in control.
  • Contact you daily during the last 10 days of the transaction to alert you to any changes and to serve your needs.
  • Provide guidance and help with movers, change of address, utilities shut off, cleaning, etc.
  • Deliver your closing paperwork.
  • Continue to give you information of that could be of value to you after the transaction… for life.