5 Considerations Before Buying

Buying a new home can be a challenging endeavor that should be carefully planned out instead of being an impulsive decision. Determining the Fair Market Value and amount of equity present in your current home is a crucial part of this process.

We, the Jim Mills Team, have comprised a recipe, of five simple steps, that can help you avoid unforeseen obstacles that you might otherwise encounter on your path to owning a new home.

Please feel free to use our decades of experience to help guide you through each stage of the process in buying your home. We have the know-how and the enthusiasm that you want to help you get the home you desire at the best price and in the least amount of time.

We welcome any questions that you might have, so please email us, or call toll free at 1-888-584-8456.

Choose A Realtor

Choosing the right realtor is likely the most important step to take in your home buying experience. Choosing wisely will save you from the “domino effect” that can occur when one wrong decision jeopardizes the purchasing process, sometimes resulting in a wrong choice for a home.

Although the Jim Mills Team can provide you with a wonderful buying experience, you should look for, and demand, specific qualities in a realtor.

Your realtor should:

  1. Provide you with a list of reputable companies that will add to a positive buying experience,
  2. Listen to you when you express what you want and need in locating the perfect home for you,
  3. Meet your needs by getting you what you ask for and not exceeding what you want, or can afford,
  4. Give you the time you needed to answer all the questions you need to ask,
  5. Always present honest and full disclosure,
  6. Guide you through every step of the home buying process from contract to closing
  7. Choose to serve your interests over his own.

Choose A Mortgage Company

Although we have vast knowledge about loans that are available to you, we provide you with the freedom of choice in deciding which mortgage company would benefit you the most.

We supply you with important information and names of lenders that we have done business with so that your choice is less complicated. All lenders on the list we provide are reputable and competitive.

Understanding the types of loans that are available to you will help you in deciding which mortgage company is best qualified to aid you in the purchase of your new home at the best rates possible.

Choose A Home Inspector

In purchasing a new home, there is a great “peace of mind” that comes in knowing you aren’t buying a “lemon”. Home inspection is, therefore, key in establishing a firm foundation on which to base fair costs and quality of the condition of the home to be purchased.

Choosing a trustworthy home inspector is essential. We can direct you to a pool of trusted and thorough inspectors that have proven themselves time and again. We strive to give you the assurance you want… knowing that the home you are purchasing is structurally sound and that any potential problems are taken note of and addressed.

Your satisfaction, security, and safety depend on the diligence of a superb home inspector.

Choose Home-Owner’s Insurance

Researching home-owner’s insurance agencies in the early stages of buying a home can greatly benefit you financially. A first-rate agent will be able to provide you with sound advice on home safety issues and ways to keep premiums at a minimum.

There is not one agency that proves to be the best fit for every circumstance. There are many factors to consider when choosing insurance on your home, so the Jim Mills Team is pleased to provide you with direction for the type of home-owner’s insurance that would best suit your needs.

Choose An Attorney

An authoritative attorney can be a great asset when it comes to understanding the fine print in covenants and contracts, completing paperwork, and doing in depth title searches.

He will also have the staff and resources available to complete the home purchasing process and will be able to address any questions or concerns that arise about the legal jargon buried in the paperwork.

Using an informed attorney will allow you to experience your closing in a less complicated and stress-free way, while almost assuredly eliminating the possibility of a delay.